Thursday, June 7, 2012

Figuring out Honda PCX (2012-now)

Honda PCX 125 is the latest scooter I bought. It's beautiful, nimble, fast and quiet - yet something doesn't quite feel right about it.

First, there is the seat. It has a hump which is supposed to separate driver and passenger sections. However, the hump is too close, so it's impossible so sit back when you need to stretch your legs. I have removed the hump, now there are hard bumps in the place where it used to be - so sitting back is still not comfortable. I have ordered a replacement seat from an online store in Germany on April, 25 - still waiting for it to arrive.

Then, there is a matter of "sweet spot". My definition of scooter sweet spot is this - it's the speed that makes you smile as soon as you reach it. For a moped or 50cc scoot, this is 25-30mph. For my Vino 125 it's about 40-45mph. For the Honda PCX, I can't quite feel the spot. It's kind of 'meh' when going slower tan 30mph. It gets a bit scary at 60mph due to it being lightweight. I guess 50mph is where PCX likes to be - but it's doesn't give me that "smile ear to ear" feeling.

Seating position causes my back to start hurting quickly - but this could be resolved once I get the seat replaced.

Suspension is odd too - when you are on a good road, it's like floating on air - very smooth and quiet. On the bad road you start feeling every bump and the more you ride, then more they add up. I rode for a few hours recently and at the end of the ride I was scowling and growling at each bump that I encountered. I did not have this issue on Aprilia Scarabeo - though it did have bigger wheels (16" vs 14"). I checked the forums and they said that PCX suspension cannot be adjusted - the only option is replacing the shocks.

When you get to 60mph, it feels like PCX is braking to avoid going faster - this is especially noticeable when going downhill. It's probably not dangerous, but I don't like how it feels, so I try to avoid opening throttle all the way. My others scooters (Aprilia, Vespa, Yamaha) didn't do that.

So, I am torn as to what to do next.
  • Aprilia and Kymco could be possible alternatives, but there is only one shop in town that works on them - and I don't want to be locked into relying on one mechanic. 
  • Yamaha does not make a comparable bike (ok, it makes Vino 125 which I already own and love.. they also make Zuma 125 which feels very uncomfortable when you sit on it).
  • Honda has PCX150 on the way - but it looks like it's gonna have same seat and suspension. They also made SH150 which I test rode and didn't like.
 Any suggestions? :)

Update - now that I got the seat hump sorted out, I think I've finally found the 'sweet spot' - it's between 50mph and 55mph.

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  1. Get the 150 Brother. It rocks and it will do 70MPH. 55 MPH will be a sweet spot and you will smile from ear to ear. It smooths and has more torque than the 125. Get bigger tires (140/70/14 Rear..Pirelli Diablo Scooter Tires) (120/70/14 front) This will allow you to do everything you want.