Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yamaha Vino Forever! (2003-now)

In the fall of 2003 I was driving around and saw a little Vino scooter with a "for sale" sign. By that time I already had Aprilia 150, so I thought that I have left the 50cc world behind - however I never pass along a test ride, so I stopped and talked to the owner.

He was open to the idea and I rode Vino around the block. The feeling was incredible! There is something about a 50cc bike that no bigger scooter can give you! Perhaps it's the fact that on a small scoot you have fun as soon as you twist the throttle. Plus, the wind in your hair is so awesome... yeah, yeah, I know - you should always wear a helmet.. but whatever :)

Anyway, it was love at first sight and bought the Vino for $1500. From that point until spring of 2012 is became my fun and reliable second bike. Every time Aprilia wouldn't start in the spring, Vino was purring like a kitten. Each time Scarabeo in the shop, Vino ensured that I can keep two-wheeling.

Eventually I realized that I am enjoying Vino more than my 'big bike'. However, riding Vino meant that I should stick to secondary roads/subdivisions - which meant that I would have to get up earlier to get to work... and I hate the idea of getting up early. So, even though I liked Vino more, I rode it less.

Earlier this year I saw a Vino 125 for sale at CraigsList. An idea of upgrading my Vino 50 came to my mind... I contacted the owner, drove there and test rode it... the bike was awesome! So, I bought it and eventually sold the Vino 50.

My thinking was that Vino 125 could be fun riding thru backroads, while capable of getting on main road, if needed. It's true for the most part, but still, when you riding the roads with speed limit of 30mph or less, nothing beats a 50cc for pure enjoyment!

It looks like Yamaha has Vino Classic 50cc back on their 2013 lineup, so you never know...

Vino 50cc
Vino 125

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