Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Honda PCX - seat hump

PCX seat has a hump separating driver and passenger sections. It's probably meant to be used as a back support for driver, but the way it's designed, it makes it impossible to scoot back on the seat. This is uncomfortable for taller riders, since you cannot stretch your legs.

I have removed the seat hump shortly after I got this scooter, but it left a hard spot underneath, so it's still not comfortable to sit where hump used to be. I tried putting an Airhawk set cushion over it, but didn't like the way it feels.

I have checked the Clubpcx.com and Hondapcx.org forums - it appears that my issue is pretty much a main complaint that owners have about their PCX. I've read about the ways they solved it, but it seemed like too much work for me :)

At this point, it looked like replacing a seat seemed like an only option. There were no U.S. stores selling an alternative seat, so I expanded my search and found a site in Germany that offers an altermative (faddybike-deutschland.de). I ordered a seat from them, waited for a week and asked to see what the order status is. They said that seat is out of stock (even though their website didn't say so). After waiting for another month, I asked if they can send me another seat from their inventory. They agreed, but one day later said that customs won't let it thru, because it has word "Honda" on the back (!). They refunded the money.

So, I was back to square one. Another shop was mentioned in the forums: PowerByPcx.com. Their seat selection was wider and prices lower. The only caveat was that site was only in French. I struggled my way thru it with Google Translate and ordered the seat.

Ten days later it finally arrived!

The seat appears to be a revamped version of the original Honda one - if you look underneath, you can still see the holes where the seat hump used to be.

I am planning to put it on as soon as I figure out what kind of wrench I need to use to remove the original one :)

Update - I got the new seat installed, it's great! The quality of PCX ride went up a notch!


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  3. Just went to the site you referenced, and it shows that the seat you bought is out of stock. Bummer!

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  5. Have the same problem... but how tall are you???

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