Friday, June 8, 2012

Riding Safety

After I had my Vespa incident, I've made a list of rules to follow in avoid to ensure safety in the future. Here they are:

  • Reduce night time rides.
  • Make more effort to return home while it's light.
  • Reduce rides in bad weather (wet roads, fog). If there's an urge to ride, try to stick to subdivision.
  • Possibly, take MSF course again - to learn emergency moves. Maybe you can take course on your own bike - and skip the 'clutch' portion :)
  • Protection: kneepads, shoes, body armor (tried that for a couple of weeks and stopped - too much hassle :)
  • More priority to stopping on yellow. can practice it even in car.
  • Go slower when entering intersection.
  • Use 'high beam' most of the time.
  • See if headlight can be upgraded.
  • Don't be shy to use the horn to let drivers know you are there.
  • See what bike color is most visible on the road - this could be higher priority than 'the color I like'.
  • Avoid highways as much as possible.
  • Avoid jammed streets.
  • Avoid streets with lot of parallel parked cars (less visibility).
  • Wear bright vest all the time.
  • See if there's "glow in the dark" clothing.
  • Read safety tips online.
  • Try a full face helmet.
  • Not a drop of alcohol when riding.
I've made this list in 2002 and I've been following most of these rules. No new accidents since then *knock on wood!*


  1. Thanks for sharing useful tips. But remember that simply wearing a helmet is not enough. Wear it correctly for it to keep him safe. You should choose a bike helmet that meets current safety standards.

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  2. Who makes a high quality scooters with a foot board wide enough for the feet to be side by side?