Thursday, June 7, 2012

R.I.P. Vespa ET4 (2002)

Vespa ET4 was my first scooter. It was bright red and all around beautiful.

I decided to upgrade from a moped because my company has moved from a location close to my home to a bigger one: 14 miles away, mostly highway. My plan didn't work out quite the way I planned - after talking Vespa on the interstate once, I decided that it's more adrenaline than I could handle :)

So, ET4 became my ride for nights and weekends - exploring the city, seeing where every road goes, feeling wind in my face and forgetting about time.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon did not last forever. One day in the winter, when it was unusually warm, I decided to dust Vespa off and take it for a spin. As I was entering an intersection, light turned yellow - I kept going since it was too late to stop. Then a car turned left in front of me, I slammed on the brakes and hit the car on the side.

Next thing I remember is laying on the ground, seeing stars way above and hearing my Vespa still rumbling few feet away. Some kind soul called 911 and they whisked me off to the emergency. X-ray has shown that a little piece of my knee cap broke off.

Few months later, my physical therapy was over. Driver was found at fault and had to pay for my treatment and reimburse the cost of totaled scooter (I stopped to look at it - front frame was folded in half). For a while I was playing it safe and driving my car.. then scooter bug bit me again and the Era of Aprilia began.. but that's another story.

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